Core Team Member

Core Team Member

 IoT  Technology based golf solution Plan

 Block chain investment and analysis

 Sports equipment development and financing management

Fitness(IT Fitness) service planning 

On/off line fitness equipment development

 Business Strategy, Partnership Planning, Global Maketing

IT Fitness app development, App Management 

System Engineering

Financial management and support 

Contract Management

On/off-line Marketing Planning 

Content planning & design

Contents Directing and Shooting 

Contents Editing

 Influencer Management

 Off-line Planning and sales

Global Maketing(china)

 Affiliate Management


•Bitgo founder/CEO, blockchain capital partner

•Arrington XRP capital advisor

•Early stage investor with a portfolio of over 

   70 companies

•Harvard University, Computer Science

•CEO and Co-Founder of BLOCKCHAIN I

•Advisor of BLOCKCLOUD, Accelerator of Origo and 

   Chromia. Incubator of Spin Protocol, HintChain,

   Temco, and Insureum.